Impacts of climate change on coastal benthic ecosystems



Welcome to ClimCARES

ClimCARES project is dedicated to assess the potential impacts of climate change on coastal benthic ecosystems at regional scale - the Northern Western Mediterranean basin. It is primarily focused on the development of an original strategy combining numerical simulations and thermotolerance of key species. Thermotolerance responses will be obtained through compilation of field observations conducted at regional scale and experimental work in aquarium. The main aims are:

  1. the development of realistic warming scenarios of the coastal areas at regional scale,
  2. assesing the biological responses to warming
  3. the development of maps of potential impacts for the conservation of target species/populations/communities.


  • The main results of the ClimCARES project will be presented in different international forums during 2013 fall. Please check out our  scheduled communications. If you are attending the same conferences please come to our presentations

  • On the May 11th, 2013 ClimCARES members, in collaboration with the citizen science initiative Seawatchers, organized the first training for volunteers at the Medes Islands Protected Area (L'Estartit, Spain). During the training the participants were instructed on how to carry out surveys on the conservation status of Mediterranean gorgonian populations (the target species of the ClimCARES project). Read more and see some pictures

  • Final ClimCARES meeting 8th april 2013 at Station Marine d'Endoume Marseilles (France) Participants: Bensoussan, N. (Ipso), Garrabou, J. (ICM-CSIC), Pairaud, I. (IFREMER-LERPAC), Garreau, P. (IFREMER-DYNECO)

  • August 2012 Interview to J. Garrabou for the MEDPAN newsletter about the climate change research initiatives in the Mediterranean. The ClimCARES project was preseented as one of the most promising initatives for MPAs managers. Read more

  • October 2012. ClimCARES joint action with MedPAN funded project "Development of tools for the study of climate change impacts on coastal ecosystems". A trainning workshop on climate change effects in the Mediterranean was held Scandola natural Reserve (Galeria, Corsica, France). The workshop was attended by 20 participants, managers and scientists wroking in MPAs,  from five different Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Tunisia).


Total Foundation

ClimCARES project (2011-2013) is funded by the Total Foundation.

The Total Foundation is committed to philanthropic endeavours in three areas of activity:
- community support, through two complementary programmes: partnering the Pasteur Institute to prevent pandemics in countries where the Group operates and fighting social exclusion, particularly from school, in France;
- culture, through a major partnership with the Fondation du Patrimoine and support for institutions that promote French culture and intercultural dialogue;
- environment, especially the protection of marine biodiversity, through research, programs to safeguard threatened species and ecosystems.

The Total Foundation emphasises long-term partnerships in every area of its activity. In addition to providing financial support, the Foundation seeks to combine and strengthen the work of experts to expand human knowledge.